Sons and Daughters of Wind. With this evocative title the greatest german photographer Mario Gerth presents us his latest work, which is the results from a physical and psychological journey across Africa's remotest regions that tooks more than 50 months. Through a collection of intimate portraits and vivid photographs of the last nomads and semi-nomads of the continent, Mario tells a story of beauty, legacy and naturalness in order to make us realize of some values that are still latent in the heart of Africa and disappeared in our uniformed society.
His camera is the tool he uses to let loose his passion for the Black Continent, while his photography is, besides his modest tribute to Africa’s people, the best way he has found to thank a land where natural dignity and elegance is etched on the faces of the natives.
From the children to the old men, all of them hide the secret of a truly real life, which comes from the god-like harmony in the sweeping valleys of sand dunes and the bitter existence on the edge of the world.
His images, which try to document, inform, question and even decry, have traveled all over the world leaving no one untouched, so much so that Time Magazine has described him as a “World changer”.
As Mario said himself “In Africa, countless generations have developed this extraordinary diversity and bizarre beauty. I am very grateful to have grown through these trips witness and share my vision with you. The nomads and semi-nomads of Africa still live our past, a selfsufficient past, elemental and satisfying life, where the essential acts so much. The horizon is their home. They are the children of the sun. And they are the sons and daughters of the wind.”